5 Ways to Keep Fit without Exercise

You know those people how look physically fit, eat loads and say they never do any exercise? Well, the truth is that they are either
x) lying or
x) doing loads of exercise they don’t even notice.
There are indeed plenty of practical solutions out there whereby you never need to go to the gym whilst still keeping fit. And only minimal effort is required.
Have a look at the list I live by – simple things that will make keeping (or getting) fit loads easier.
1) Take the stairs. Every bit of exercise is worth it. Don’t be lazy. There are plenty of people who take the lift to the first floor where I work. I can’t help but to feel sorry for them. The stairs leading to the first floor include 11+12=23 steps in total, and it very often takes less time to climb up them than grabbing the lift. I think you should only be allowed to use one when you’re transferring very heavy items, when you’re with a child in a pram or if you’re injured below your waist. My school in Finland had this policy, and I think that’s how it should be everywhere.
Say I walk up & down the stairs 4 times a day = 4up+4down=8×23 a day=184 stairs daily = 44,160 stairs every year.
2) Carry a backpack, and load it up. I’ve done this all my life, and plan on doing it forever. Such a great recipe for a good posture & strong core. My backpack constantly weighs around a stone and is loaded most frequently with books, my SLR camera, laptop, iPad and other potentially useful stuff. Even better, you never know when you may need, or want to use, whatever you are carrying as extra weight on your back. And once you get used to the weight you don’t even notice it.
Note: Backpacks are always the way forward as bags that you have to carry one sidedly can be very bad for your back.
3) Wear heavy shoes. I used to have such strong legs when I wore heavy wedges as I was growing up. I still occasionally like to wear heavy shoes, particularly when I’m feeling lazy.
4) Sit up straight. Very important, very cool. Keeps your muscles alive and you won’t look like a slug. Is attractive. Easier to stay alert. Appear more authoritative.
5) Walk short distance journeys. The majority of the people I work with take the bus to work from the metro station. It still astonishes me. It’s a 17 minute (brisk) walk, and it takes 17 minutes to get there on the bus (wait for 9, travel for 8). Why would anyone do this (unless it’s heavily raining/really really windy)? They can only lose – it’s £6 a week extra for the bus – whereas I get all the fresh air + the nice sunrise (atm) + a bit of natural daylight = all for £0. Result = better mood & more time for the skin to absorb the goodness of the sun, feeling fresh at the start of the day.
I also walk 15 mins to the metro from home – and that adds up to over an hour of walking each business day. Now let’s see – 1.3km from door to metro x2 + 1,8km from metro to work x 2 = 2.6km+3.6km=6,2km a day (or 3.85 miles). Oh my god, I never realised it’s so much! So, if I get 4 weeks off work a year that leaves me with 48 remaining working weeks. 48 weeks x 5 working days a week x 6.2km a day= 1,488 km annually, for the price of little effort. Gosh, that’s way more than from the Southernmost point in Finland to the top of Lapland (whereas I could just pay £288 for the “comfort” of sitting in a sweaty & crowded bus year round)!
Smile. Now I know this doesn’t really improve your fitness, but it will certainly make you fitter (unless you have very bad teeth). Besides, frowning requires many more muscles than smiling, so it should also naturally cost you less effort :-).
love & strength,
  1. Diana said:

    Really nice and useful article! I’m already doing these things, plus that I’m taking some Toronto martial arts training sessions.I know that only this way I can stay healthy and fit, without any kind of problems… Love being an active person!

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